Meet, mingle, and dance with other fun-loving individuals, at your next salsa, bachata or kizomba outing.


Student Salsa Outing

Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W.
Friday, October 5, 2018
Salsa dance party, salsa dance lesson at Lula Lounge


We organize a variety of dance parties and outings throughout the year, where our foremost goal is to provide quality social entertainment for our students.
These events are a perfect opportunity for you to meet new people, mingle with friends and fellow dance students, all while dancing the very dances you have been learning! These parties and outings are generally at some of the local Latin clubs in town, but can also be at one of the gorgeous outdoor venues that Toronto has.


Our regular Kizomba and Semba party featuring the outstanding musical selection of DJ L'Astre and featuring some of the best dancers in the Toronto kizomba scene.

Thank You for such a top notch night dear Albena De Assis and Taras Kochman and your music Astro Depique was heavenly - and the dances - wooosh - Toronto we are lucky ladies with our leads! - dancing heaven - totally kizonderful night!:) xo

Suzanne Manvell


In February of 2012, AfroLatino Dance Company launched its series of dance parties specifically geared to the lovers of Cuban music, which at the time could not find good representation at the existing local Latin clubs. It was just a matter of time before these parties became popular and were moved from the studio setting to some of the best clubs in town.
Featuring DJ Yumaniche as its resident DJ, and DJ Bernal as guest DJ at times, Salsa Klimax has been held in many of Toronto's finest dance clubs such as 6 Degrees, Uploft, Epic Lounge, Clave Social, May, and more.


Toronto features plenty of beautiful parks and outdoors facilities, providing a gorgeous backdrop in the Summer to outdoors activities. Why not combining dancing with eating, thus enjoying a picnic in one of the city's top recreational parks?
We have organized several picnics, with a salsa or kizomba theme, where students, friends, and family enjoyed each others company, danced, enjoyed food sampling and drinking.
Salsa Picnic at High Park
Salsa Picnic at High Park, July 2012
Salsa Picnic at High Park
Salsa Picnic at High Park, August 2012
Kizomba picnic at High Park
Kizomba Picnic at High Park, August 2014

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