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We all know we love dance and music! We often dance for recreation, dance for fitness, dance for a social purpose, but we can also dance in support of a social cause. Whether it is to raise fund or awareness to a worthy cause, our dance community is strong and compassionate!


June 5, 2016

Dance enthusiasts, students and teachers alike, friends and family, socially concerned individuals, all came in for a great cause: in support of DINNoedhjaelp orphanage in Nigeria, for hope of a better life for some of the world's most victimized and stigmatized children! We are truly grateful for the huge support from all, fellow dance peers, students, and friends, for this important cause.


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A very special thanks goes to our dedicated staff, fellow dance instructors and DJs, whose generous donation of their time, knowledge and talent made this event such a success:
  • Yareneys Montes
  • Teisha Smith
  • Addy Medjo
  • Jocelyn Nsherenguzi
  • DJ L'Astre
  • DJ Yumaniche
  • DJ Galo


Belief in witchcraft is widespread in parts of Africa, and children are sometimes caught in between, becoming an easy scapegoat for a family's misfortune, sickness, and what not. These accusations are often initiated by family members other than the parents, or by local evangelical priests, who have a financial interest in it since they charge for exorcism (deliverance) services. Children accused of witchcrafts are shunned, beaten, tortured, abandoned and even killed. A particularly highly affected area for this practice is the most southern part of Nigeria, the Niger river delta region.


DINNoedjaelp is a charitable organization based in Denmark, operating in Nigeria, founded in 2012 by Anja Ringgren Lovén, to help rescue and provide life saving support with food, housing and medical care for children victims of abuse due to witchcraft accusations. The organization, which runs an orphanage in Uyo, Nigeria, is a voluntary organization, and there is no administrative staff to receive a salary. Therefore, all collections and donations go straight to the projects.