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  • Testimonial for salsa, bachata, samba, kizomba classes
    AfroLatino Dance is an amazing studio to learn and have fun. The atmosphere is welcoming and inviting. I couldn't imagine dancing any other place!!! I love the instruction style and all of the teachers, I have felt welcomed from the moment I arrived. It's my favourite place to be.
    Tammy Rayner
  • Client testimonials salsa bachata kizomba lessons
    I stepped out of my comfort zone when I stepped into AfroLatino's weekly Saturday social, and I discovered a side of myself through dance I never knew existed. I also discovered a social circle of intelligent, passionate and hell-of-a-lot-of-fun people I wouldn't have met otherwise. Cuban Salsa started my dance addiction and from there it's expanded beyond anything I imagined. And I'm certainly more fit now than I was a year ago. When I say I can dance all night, I mean it.
    Ruane Remy
  • Client testimonials salsa bachata kizomba lessons
    AfroLatino Dance Company is simply the best school to learn authentic dances such as: Cuban salsa, Brazilian Samba and much much more! I have been dancing with AfroLatino for approximately 3 years. The atmosphere that the school provides is incomparable to any other school. Everyone there surely makes you feel comfortable, the teachers and assistants have a lot of patience and are very persistent! there are a lot of benefits to dance! it will definitely increase your confidence level! and will keep you in shape! therefore, if you're looking for a dance school to learn how to dance or to simply improve your dancing i strongly recommend AfroLatino Dance Company hands down!!
    Kevin Machado
  • Testimonial for salsa, bachata, samba, kizomba classes
    It has been around 5 yrs now since I took my first class at AfroLatino Dance Company and I still enjoy the classes!! I fell in love with Albena's Brazilian Samba and Lady's Salsa Styling classes and was quite happy I discovered the school. The friendly and family atmosphere at the studio has always been welcoming. For me this was the only school in Toronto where I was able to learn the authentic movements of Brazilian and Cuban dance. I love the company and would recommend it any day!
    Allanah De Leon
  • Salsa student performance classes
    The party was really great. Thank you soo much for organizing the performance group. It was honestly the best dancing experience I have ever had. Also, I really have to thank you for encouraging us during the performance itself... That was very nice of you. THANK YOU!
    Sally Ibrahim
  • Marian Webber
    I just took your Latin Cardio class for the first time with my sister Christine yesterday and I must say it was an awesome class! I have taken a few different Zumba classes in the past but by far none have compared to yours, I felt every muscle working in my body, my sister and I enjoyed it very much:)
    Marian Webber
  • Rick Ainsworth
    In March 2010 I visited Toronto to attend a conference and needed a quick salsa lesson so I could attend a Cuban- themed banquet on my return to Los Angeles. Luckily I found you. Thank you for your understanding in allowing me to take one lesson. You personally took time out of instructing your class to show me the steps. That was indeed a pleasure. Rarely do such talent, beauty and graciousness occur in one person
    Rick Ainsworth
  • Ayo George
    I have truly enjoyed classes with you...I have been wanting to try cuban for a while after dabbling with other styles and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy this style....Really keep up the good work!
    Ayo George
  • Yvetta Belenski
    First of all I want to say that I don’t have words to express how good I feel about coming to your dance studio. You are very professional and your personality is so friendly and pleasant that you have created an excellent atmosphere for learning and having fun at the same time. Your instructors and other long time students are no exception to that... I am looking forward to a long time of practice at AfroLatino dance studio
    Yvetta Belenski
  • Khira Ray
    Albena, thank you so much for a wonderful lesson. The girls who couldn't make it are kicking themselves for missing all the fun. We are already planning to come back. I just wanted you to know your easy-going, fun spirit and patience is so warming. You by the way have an amazing figure and we're looking forward to learning a lot more from you. See you soon!
    Khira Ray
  • Keisha Grant
    Albena, thank you so much for coming to Energetic Soul [in Detroit]. Your technique is amazing and your spirit is so sweet. We can hardly wait for the next time we can steal you away from Toronto again! Be blessed.
    Keisha Grant
  • Rhonda C.
    Thank you for your passionate and energetic instruction and for introducing me to this amazing dance (Samba) - I love it!
    Rhonda C.
  • Robert Glanc
    Thank you very much for teaching me Sententa Complicado, Noventa, El Dos, Montana, etc as well as letting me do your group class. I got a lot of benefit, and the good news is I can reproduce all those moves in Australia.
    Robert Glanc
  • Belen Heredia
    I just wanted to let you know that I have tremendously enjoyed the Samba classes, it's been a wake-up call of how much out of shape I feel (lol) but I love this music and with summer coming soon (hopefully) I would love to add a little twist and take Brazilian Samba again and alsoAfro-Cuban Movement. I've watched your Friday classes and fell in love with it.
    Belen Heredia
  • Janet MacDonald
    I love the Latin Cardio and Brazillian Samba classes. You are an excellent instructor. Everyone I have spoken with feels the same way! All the best to you and I will see you in the new year for sure!
    Janet MacDonald