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  • AfroLatino anniversary party, 2019
  • Kids classes
  • AfroLatino at Salsa in Toronto, 2017
  • Yare's Farewell Party, 2016

In 2005, Toronto's salsa scene was strongly dominated by the north american styles, the New York and the L.A. styles of salsa dancing. Albena de Assis had been at the time involved in the scene for quite a few years and had just left United Salseros, one of the bigger salsa schools in the city at that time, as one of their senior instructors teaching exclusively those styles of salsa. But her appetite for a different style, different roots, had just been awakened. Her studies of Afro-Cuban and Cuban Cabaret, travels to Cuba the previous year, together with her previous experience in ballet and the Cuban school of modern dance, served as catalyst for a new vision: to create and promote a Cuban salsa scene in Toronto, increasing awareness of the cultural roots of Cuban dance.

On that same year, Albena established Toronto’s first large scale dance school entirely dedicated to the teaching and promotion of Cuban Salsa, Brazilian Samba, Afro-Cuban and other Latin dances in their authentic forms. Since then the school has been growing steadily and has become the city’s centre to learning Cuban style salsa, Casino Rueda, and other Latin dances. The same philosophy has been applied to other dance styles, and the school is a pioneer as well in introducing Kizomba, Semba, and Afro-House to Torontonians.


By establishing the performance branch of the company, with the indispensable collaboration from Cuban teacher, choreographer and dancer Sarita Leyva, this new vision was completed. The dance company was engaged both in the production of high quality Cuban Cabaret and Brazilian Samba shows, as well as the difficult task of creating a new dance school in town.

AfroLatino Dance Company has since been taking the Toronto Latin entertainment industry to a new level. Our exclusive productions bring you the highest standards in service, professionalism and quality, featuring staff with more than 20 years of combined experience to your function. Each of our staff performers has over 8 years of experience and professional training with major dance companies. They come from far exotic places, such as the Caribbean and Africa, to bring an authentic tropical flavour to your event.

We have performed at hundreds of venues throughout the GTA, and occasionally outside the GTA, from Windsor to Tróis-Riviéres, Quebéc, ranging from small intimate parties to the big stages of summer festivals at the Harbourfront, concert halls such as the Opera House and the Phoenix, and theatres such as the Betty Oliphant Theatre.