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A dance show with high energy, mesmerizing dancers in glamorous costumes could be what will make your event stand out and leave your guests with long lasting memories.



Your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days of your life. All of your family and friends come together to celebrate this important moment in your life.

After having spent time and money on all the details of your wedding day, it is your wedding reception that most of your guests will remember. The challenge for you is to keep all of your guests entertained and excited throughout the night. It's simple - with great food and entertainment!

Great entertainment for your wedding day is our specialty! We can offer you a wonderful variety of entertainment options, able to suit most tastes and budgets. Our dance show packages also include audience participation, where dancers engage your guests and help the opening of the dance floor for the rest of the evening, by leading your guests into a series of simple dance steps, a conga line around the tables, and other games.

Any of our costumes can be modified to be more conservative if needed.

Samba, salsa dancers for weddings