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Experience the richness of rhythms, music and movement that Cuba has to offer! Our “Cubanisimo” Show presents a kaleidoscope of rhythms and colours that will captivate your guests and take them on a journey through Cuba’s rich cultural tradition. We can accommodate all events (indoors, outdoors, stage or dance floor) and also take into consideration your guests' preferences and any special requests you may have. Our show can be customized to your needs and includes audience participation.

This show can be mixed with our Samba Show if you wish to get a taste of the tropical blast both Cuba and Brazil can bring!


Dear Dancers & Fellow Staff,

We are so grateful for your performances today. We will cherish them in our memories forever. Thank you for all your hard work!

Rui & Loriette Nunes


Our show follows the well-established tradition of Cuban Cabaret, a style developed in Cuba for variety shows, with world renowned cabarets such as the Tropicana and Parisien in Havana as best examples. “Cubanisimo” covers the following rhythms/dances:

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Once you have made up your mind and have decided the kind of show you want, here are the steps to proceed with a booking: