Latin Cardio

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Party your way to a fitter you with this high intensity Latin dance cardio class, and learn some great moves from a variety of dances at the same time.


Sweat, tone and increase your stamina, while becoming a better dancer!

A mixture of all the dances we teach, this is our most cardio intensive dance fitness class! Sweat and groove to the flavourful Latin rhythms of Salsa, Reggaeton, Samba, Merengue, Mambo, Conga, Rumba more! In one exciting hour of non-stop dancing, you will burn calories, tone your muscles and energize your body and mind. This is also a great dance fitness class to work on your styling for Latin dance, as basic moves such as shimmies, hip rolls (meneos and figure 8s), and torso pulses (trembleques) are used extensively.

You will learn dynamic body isolations that strengthen your core and add coordination and sense of rhythm. Plus the fun and sexy moves from the Latin dances will not only tone your limbs, but make you feel you are at a party! Sometimes we throw in some Afro-House and other African dances in the mixture as well.

This program uses the interval training principle in low and moderate intensities, to help you burn more calories even after finishing the class.

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