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Our Toronto Kizomba Level 1 classes are designed to teach you the basics and the most important fundamental steps of kizomba dance, together with proper technique.

Geared towards students with very little or no prior kizomba dance experience, the classes run on an 8-week course format. In these classes you will learn:

  • Basics of Kizomba (basic 1, basic 2, basic 3)
  • Proper posture and alignment
  • Frame and partner connection
  • Leading and following techniques
  • Travelling technique and synchopation (contratempo)
  • Retrocesso
  • Vírgula
  • Estrela
  • Balancé
  • Women and Men Saídas
  • Introduction to Tarraxinha

Certification in this level is necessary before moving on to the next level and such certification is subject to instructor's assessment exclusively.


Saturdays, 3-4pm, May 4 - Jun 22, 2024


A partner dance with exquisit connection where two people move as one.

For those who try kizomba, the captivating and alluring nature of its partner connection becomes quite evident almost from the start. It is, after all, a smooth dance where the synchronicity of movement and feel between the two dancers is of great importance. It becomes therefore mesmerizing and soothing for those who dance it.

Our Toronto Kizomba classes focus a great deal of attention in the myriad of small details that make all the difference. Quality is what our students become known for, and this philosophy is present from the start.

No Partner Needed

You do not need a partner to join any of our kizomba classes.

No Special Wear

You do not need any special clothes or footwear for this class, other than a clean pair of shoes to wear indoors.