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Our Kizomba Learners Level classes provide you with the fundamentals of Kizomba and introduce you to figures of disconnection. Here are some of the things it covers:

  • Corridinho
  • Blocks
  • Quadrado (box)
  • Casamento
  • Rule of 3 and its many variants
  • Estrela to the right, 180 degree Estrela
Students have to be Kizomba Starters certified before joining the Learners level. If you are not sure please contact us to schedule a free assessment.


These classes are being offered on an ongoing basis format, which allows you to join at any time.


Become a versatile kizomba and semba dancer

An important part of the kizomba syllabus consists of figures of disconnection. In our Kizomba Learners classes you will learn all these building blocks, that will provide you with a rich vocabulary to use not only when dancing kizomba, but also semba.

No Partner Needed

You do not need a partner to join any of our kizomba classes.

No Special Wear

You do not need any special clothes or footwear for this class, other than a clean pair of shoes to wear indoors.