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The Cuban Salsa Level 5 classes will turn you into a ‘next level’ Casinero or Casinera, so you can truly entertain yourself and others on the dance floor! Men will learn to lead, and women to follow, visually impressive salsa (Casino) moves and styling. Here are some of the concepts presented in these classes:

  • More body movement
  • Styling while partner dancing
  • Dancing a tiempo ("On 3")
  • Dancing on contratiempo
  • Complex turn patterns
  • Salsa suelta
  • Improvisation when separating from partner
  • Rumba influence in salsa
  • Afro-Cuban influence in salsa

Registration into these classes requires a student to be Salsa Level 4 certified, previously known as Improvers level.



These classes are being offered on an ongoing basis format, which allows you to join at any time.


Adding styling, flavour and character to your dancing.

Learn to add styling and flavour to your dancing, wheather you are dancing with a partner or momentarily disconnected from them. In Cuba this means being able to infuse your salsa with many elements from Cuban Rumba or Afro-Cuban! In addition to more styling, our Cuban Salsa Level 5 classes will introduce you to more complicated turn patterns, as well as dacing on contratiempo. This is yet another timing option available in Cuban salsa, where you map your steps to emphasize both the up as well as the down beat, the same way you would do in traditional Cuban Son.

No Partner Needed

You do not need a partner to join any of our salsa classes.

No Special Wear

You do not need any special clothes or footwear for this class, other than a clean pair of shoes to wear indoors.