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Designed for students that are proficient in the syllabus taught in our Cuban Salsa Level 3, these classes will teach you higher intermediate level figures and concepts such as:

  • Dancing a tiempo ("On 3")
  • Vacílala con Engaño
  • Bayamo, Bayamo por Abajo / al Revés
  • Enrédala
  • Setenta Complicado, Moderno, Enroscado, Nuevo, al Revés, con Setenta
  • Arco Iris
  • Crúzate
  • La Habana
  • Noventa
  • Tornillo
  • Enredadera de Amor
  • More calls for Rueda

Registration into these classes requires a student to be Cuban Salsa Level 3 certified, previously known as Learners level.



These classes are being offered on an ongoing basis format, which allows you to join at any time.


Expanding the flexibility and creativity of Cuban Salsa.

Many of the turn patterns in Cuban Salsa are highly flexible, allowing you to create a brand new figure by simply changing the beginning, the middle, or the end of existing ones. In addition, some elements can be modified in many creative ways. There are several timing options one can use. In the Cuban Salsa Level 4 we will introduce you to dancing a tiempo ("on 3"), which is another groovy way of mapping the steps and moves you already know to downbeats in a musical phrase.

No Partner Needed

You do not need a partner to join any of our salsa classes.

No Special Wear

You do not need any special clothes or footwear for this class, other than a clean pair of shoes to wear indoors.