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These classes will focus on the popular group version of Cuban Salsa called Rueda de Casino, a.k.a. Casino Rueda. This fun and energetic group dance consists of a series of figures and partner exchanges executed in synchronicity, usually within a circle formation with 2 or more couples where one person (the caller) calls out the names of the figures. A form of dance that started in Havana in the 1950s, it started gaining popularity at the casinos, where the different groups would get together to showcase, compete and enjoy it, hence the name given to the dance.

You will learn new and creative figures for Rueda as well as reviewing standard and well-established ones that are usually covered in our Cuban Salsa courses (from Starters to Improvers levels).


Everyone's favourite salsa: in a circle, as a group dance!

Since its first appearance, Casino Rueda (or Rueda de Casino as it is known in Cuba) is one of the most popular ways of dancing Cuban Salsa, in a group formation. This class will focus on Rueda moves, both reviewing fundamental moves that are taught in the other levels of our Cuban Salsa program (starting at the Salsa Starters level), as well as introducing more complex figures.


Rueda de Casino is in constant evolution in its birthplace, Cuba.

Certainly, Cuba is home to the best casino rueda groups in the world. In particular, Santiago de Cuba, in the eastern side of the country, is known for its strong dance tradition and is home to some of the best known casino rueda dance formations. They keep not only the traditions alive, but are also constantly evolving it to keep it exciting, relevant and energetic. Here is a video clip of a traditional rueda in Cuba.

No Partner Needed

You do not need a partner to join any of our salsa classes.

No Special Wear

You do not need any special clothes or footwear for this class, other than a clean pair of shoes to wear indoors.