Salsa dancing, a dance style that represents the joy for life, colour, flavour and rhythm from Latin American culture. Danced both as a partner dance, by yourself or in group, salsa dancing, is a great way stay fit, meet people, and have fun!


Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned dancer, whether you're coming alone or with a partner, our Toronto salsa lessons are made for you. The step by step and easy going approach, consistent breakdown of steps, will teach you the technique and the flavour, and turn you into a latin dancer in no time! In our classes we are all about teaching you how to dance Salsa in a fun, caring and comfortable environment. We do our best to balance the number of men and women to ensure you maximize your learning time in class. In addition, our dance instructors, assistants and volunteers are dedicated to helping you get the most out of the classes.


I dance other styles of salsa

For students with previous salsa dance experience that wish to join our classes at a level other than the Intro Level, we provide and require a complimentary assessment in order to determine the most suitable level or plan for you. You can check our Salsa Class Descriptions to get an idea of the steps and figures covered in each level. Please bear in mind that it may be best to start with our Cuban Salsa Starters or even Intro in order to build a strong foundation that you can expand upon as you progress in our classes. Other styles of salsa do not necessarily translate into the steps in Cuban Salsa, so do contact us for an assessment to be sure of the appropriate level.

We are a couple with various levels of dance experience

For couples that wish to take classes together but they have various levels of dance experience, we provide a complimentary assessment in order to determine the most suitable level or plan for you. It will often mean the couple will have to start at the level best suited for the person with the least dance experience.


The most popular partner dance in the world

In short, it is the world’s most popular Latin street dance. With origins in Cuba and ties in Puerto Rico, it has spread like wildfire around the world and is danced by Salseros/Salseras in cities as diverse as Paris, London, Hong Kong, New York, Rio de Janeiro and, of course, in Toronto. In fact, any evening of the week you will find hundreds of Torontonians attending Salsa lessons or at one of the many great Salsa clubs in Toronto. Go traveling and you’ll likely find a similar picture in every major city in the world! When you start Salsa dancing, you join a huge family of Salsa dance-loving folks spread throughout the world.

Cuban Salsa, or simply Casino as it's known in Cuba, is a style of Salsa dancing gaining ever more popularity outside of Cuba, hugely popular in many places in Europe, Peru, Brazil, and now stablishing a strong fan base in Toronto. Its circular motion, afro-cuban flavour and very rhythmic and playful nature make it a favourite among many.


Having evolved for decades since its start, salsa dance nowadays exists in several different styles, some more popular than other depending on the geographical location. Here are some of the existing styles:

Cuban Style Salsa

A form of salsa dancing developed in Cuba since the 1950's, Cuban style salsa (Salsa Cubana), also known as Casino dancing, features a circular motion where the dancers executing their turn figures are not restricted to a line or slot, but rather use the whole 360 degrees around the couple to move. It is also known for its emphasys on body movement and frequent use of the rich Afro-Cuban dance vocabulary, as well as referrences to other Cuban dances such as Rumba, Son, Cha Cha Cha, and more. Cuban style salsa can be danced both on Rumba timing ("On 1"), on contratiempo (similar to "On 2"), as well as a tiempo ("On 3").

LA Style Salsa

Los Angeles style salsa is danced "On 1" and in a slot or line, where the dancers are restricted to be facing each other and executing the basic steps forward and backwards following a line. It is strongly influenced by Latin Hustle, Swing, Latin ballroom styles.

NY Style Salsa

New York style salsa is another style of linear salsa, where the dancers face each other while executing their basic steps and emphasize the second beat of the music ("On 2"). This style is strict on not travelling much, and it has as major features spinning as well as "shines", where dancers disconnect from each other and perform solo footwork and styling for a moment. It was made popular by Eddie Torres, Frankie Martinez, and others.

Cali Style Salsa

Colombian style salsa, in particular Cali style, is strongly influenced by other Caribbean dances such as Boogaloo and Pachanga. It is best known for its footwork which has quick steps and skipping motions. The footwork is quick, intricate and energetic. Some of the biggest world salsa competitions are held in Cali, where teams dance salsa fused with many acrobatic elements.