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Add organic flavour and real soul to your Salsa dancing by incorporating Afro-Cuban movement in your dance, the way they do it in Cuba!



These classes are being offered on an ongoing basis format, which allows you to join at any time.


Return to the Roots of Salsa - with authentic and inspiring Afro-Cuban movement. Learn fascinating and organic body movement and musicality as the incredible beat patterns touch your soul. Combining these movements with your salsa, will add power to your dancing and set it on fire!
This course covers some of the vast Afro-Cuban vocabulary, such as:
  • Yoruba (Orishas) dances: Elegguá, Yemayá, Oyá, Changó, Oggún, Ochosi, Ochun, Obatalá, Babalúu Ayé
  • Arará dances: Afrekete, Mase, Jebbioso, Afra
  • Congo dances: Palo, Makuta, Yuka
  • Afro-Cuban Haitian dances: Gagá


No Partner Needed

You do not need a partner to join any of our Afro-Cuban classes.

Class Attire

Workout gear is recommended for this class. Socks or barefeet is best.




The trickster Orisha, guardian of destiny, represented often as a child, he is the owner of all roads, which he can open or block. He loves candy, toys, rum and cigars, and his colors are red, black and white.
Toronto Afro-Cuban classes, Oggun


The Orisha of iron, war and labour, he uses a machete to clear the pathways. He gave humans tools and technology, but prefers living in the forest. He likes rum and his main colours are black and green.
Toronto Afro-Cuban classes, Yemaya


The older sister of Ochún, Yemayá is the mother of all, who rules over the ocean and all its creatures. She is the maternal force of life and creation. Fish are sacred to her, and her colors are blue, white and silver.
Toronto Afro-Cuban lessons, Chango, Shango


The warrior Orisha Changó rules lightning, dance and drums, fire and passion. He represents virility, power and passion. He is handsome and very masculine, and loves women and music. He uses a double-bladed axe and his colors are red and white.


The fiery warrior Orisha Oyá guards the cemetary and rules over the egun or dead. She is also the ruler of the winds, tornados and hurricanes, and wears a skirt of nine different colors. She is a strong protectoress of women and an Orisha of change. Her colors are burgundy and purple, and she represents change.
Toronto Afro-Cuban classes, Ochun, Oshun


The popular, beautiful and seductive Orisha of love, wealth, sensuality, fertility and art. She owns the rivers, and loves the color yellow, honey, sweets, pumpkin and champagne. She is both loved and feared, since she has a terrible temper. She renews the process of creation.
Toronto Afro-Cuban lessons, Ochosi


Ochosi is the hunter Orisha, who scouts the forest so that a path can be opened and clear by his fellow warriors, Elegguá and Oggún. He helps us focus our attention on our desired goals and results, and shows human the fastest path to our destiny. He is also associated with justice, and is friends with Obatalá.
Toronto Afro-Cuban lessons, Obatala, Obbatala


Considered to be the father of the other Orishas, the oldest Orisha and the creator of mankind. He is a peaceful and compassionate Orisha, who represents wisdom and clarity. He is also the guardian of those with mental illness, birth defects, drug addiction and alcoholism. His color is white and his ornaments are silver.