Why Choose Private Salsa Lessons in Toronto?

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Why Choose Private Salsa Lessons in Toronto?

Should I Consider Taking Private Salsa Lessons in Toronto?

We Break Down the Advantages and Disadvantages of Private vs. Group Salsa Lessons

Whether you have seen salsa dancers at a club, an outdoor event somewhere in Toronto, or over the internet, you were intrigued by their abilities and this fun and lively dance. Now you have made the decision to pursue salsa lessons in Toronto, or maybe you have been taking them for a while but want to increase your knowledge of the dance. This is when you need to decide between group and private salsa lessons..

While both styles of classes teach you the same subject, they offer different scope, attention to detail, and attention to specific needs for each individual student. Here are the main differences and advantages/disadvantages of private salsa lessons in Toronto versus group lessons.

Group Salsa Lessons

Group salsa classes are great for the average learner who is not overly preoccupied with minute details of specific moves. These classes are structured in terms of progress to the learning speed of the average student, neither too fast nor too slow. Because it is a whole group taking the class, the instructor has to cater the speed of instruction to the group as a whole, even if in that group there may be some students that pick up moves faster or slower than the average. One-on-one attention during these classes is possible only on a limited amount of time.

Advantages of this style of classes are the social aspect as you get to meet other fellow salsa dance students, as well as the lower cost per lesson.

Private Salsa Lessons

Private salsa lessons offer exclusive one-on-one attention from an instructor and therefore are great to work on specific details of movement, more attention to other areas of dance learning such as styling, timing, flow of a dance, etc. Their speed completely caters to the student’s learning ability, so it is perfect for both slower learners as well as fast learners.

Private salsa classes can be used for couples or small groups of 3 to 4 students while preserving these advantages. Another advantage of opting for private classes is the ability of having more flexible scheduling options. Private dance lessons can be booked several times a week or as seldom as the student’s schedule allows it.

Combined Approaches

Some people opt for a combination of group and private lessons, using the group lessons as a first learning ground and practice medium, and private lessons as the detailed oriented fine-tuning tool. Whichever way you choose, you will certainly find a lot of joy while learning to dance salsa in Toronto.

In addition to the style of salsa lesson chosen, it is also important to try to dedicate some time to practicing the moves learned in class, since repetition is an important tool to improving the quality of movement, retaining figures and corrections, and improving one's learning curve. Great avenues for practice are our weekly salsa and kizomba socials where atmosphere is always casual and welcoming, and also some of the excellent Toronto salsa clubs.

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