Best Toronto Dance Salsa Clubs And Venues

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Best Toronto Dance Salsa Clubs And Venues

Salsa dancing at Lula Lounge (photo courtesy of Anna Encheva Photography)

Toronto Dance Salsa Clubs To Visit

Where Do Toronto Salsa Dancers Go To Enjoy A Great Night Of Salsa Dancing?

We get asked this question every so often by new people interested in starting to dance salsa, bachata and other Latin rhythms. Although clubs sometimes close, we will do our best to keep the information on this article updated. Below is the list of top clubs, in our humble opinion, to go out for salsa dancing in Toronto.

Lula Lounge

Address: 1585 Dundas Street West, Toronto


One of the very best Latin venues in Toronto, Lula Lounge has been in the forefront of the fight to preserve cultural live shows, featuring regular Latin band live music, most noteably their Havana Club Cuba Libre Fridays and Salsa Saturdays. Recently undergone renovation work that had expanded the usable area by the entrance of the club, Lula Lounge is also a great restaurant featuring gourmet cuisine, a nice touch for those thinking of having nice dinner date combined with some great dancing.

In addition to the live Latin bands on Fridays and Saturdays, Lula Lounge features some of the best salsa schools in Toronto teaching beginners salsa lessons both on Friday and Saturday nights. AfroLatino Dance Company is featured on the first Friday of every month.

All Lula Lounge photos courtesy of Anna Encheva Photography and Lula Lounge

El Rancho

Address: 430 College Street, Toronto


A long time runner in the Toronto salsa scene, El Rancho is a very popular night club with the Latin community in Toronto. It features regular weekly Latin dance nights on Tursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Its 3 different rooms and separate sound systems provide plenty of choice for those who wish to dance salsa, bachata, kizomba, cumbia, merengue and more.

El Rancho is also a restaurant featuring fine Latin American cuisine, operating since 1979.

Dovercourt House

Address: 805 Dovercourt Road, Toronto


A popular venue in the Toronto LA and NY style salsa scene, the Dovercourt House is a large venue that hosts a variety of different events in its many floors. Its Sunday salsa social has been a well frequented event for over a decade, with over a hundred dancers regularly packing the 3rd floor. Occasionally you can find some casineros at that social but the music is more in tune with the Fania All Stars salsa classic music from the 70s and 80s.

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