Só Kizomba Festival: A Kizomba Dance Dream in Toronto

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Só Kizomba Festival: A Kizomba Dance Dream in Toronto

Só Kizomba Festival

MAY 18, 19, 20, 21, 2017

2017 will be a year that will mark the beginning of a new style of kizomba congresses in Toronto, with the advent of one solely dedicated to Kizomba and Semba: the Só Kizomba Festival.

What sets this festival aside from other Salsa and Bachata Congresses that feature Kizomba as a side-kick, is precisely the fact that Kizomba and Semba will be right, left and center stage! And what makes us even more excited about it is the organizers' careful assembly of guest kizomba instructors and DJs that will best showcase the beauty of Angolan style dance.

Local talent will also be part of the festival, with AfroLatino being one of the invited schools to teach kizomba and semba workshop as well as several other talented Toronto instructors. We are very excited to be an integral part of this amazing event, and can't wait to dance, mingle, learn with all the amazing artists and guests at this festival!

A Dreamy Line-up of Top International Instructors

The line-up for the 2017 Só Kizomba Festival is truly a showcase of some of the best talent of international instructors. Some of them we had the pleasure to host previously for a weekend of intensive kizomba & semba workshops, such as Paulo and Lanna back in May 2015.

Kizomba, semba teachers Eddy Vents & Lucia Nogueira

Edson Monteiro & Lucia Nogueira

A true powerhouse in the kizomba international scene, Eddy & Lucia bring vast knowledge in kizomba, tarraxinha and semba.
Kizomba, semba teacher Fabricio do Zangado

Fabricio do Zangado

A semba master and a crowd favourite with extensive experience in the international kizomba scene, Fabricio is no stranger to the Toronto kizomba scene.
Kizomba, semba teachers Paulo & Lanna

Paulo Cruz & Lanna Zamora

This couple needs no introduction. Incredibly strong kizomba/semba as well as Angolan traditional dances and Afro-House, we have had the pleasure to host workshops with them in 2015
Kizomba, Semba teachers Rico & Adda

Rico & Adda

Ricardo Graça & Adda is another performer/instructor coupl gaining fame in the international kizomba scene, masters of smoothness and ginga.

Top-Notch Kizomba Dance Right at Your Door

Not only the workshops and showcases promise to be amazing, but the line-up of DJs is also quite impressive:

DJ Guelas

DJ Paparazzi


DJ Galo

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