What Do You Need For Salsa Dancing In Toronto?

Salsa dancing in Toronto
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November 8, 2016
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December 6, 2016

When starting off with your first class or workshop you may be interested to know exactly what you might need to get started in your first salsa dancing session. Here are some of the top supplies required for salsa dancing in Toronto.

A class date

We don’t offer much in the way of walk-ins but we showcase many of the salsa classes that we have up-and-coming on our website as well as in our studio. Feel free to drop by and find out more about some of the upcoming workshops and class sessions that we have.

Do you need a partner?

There's no need to bring a partner if you are interested in salsa dancing in Toronto. We can provide instruction regardless of whether or not you have a partner. We can pair you up with other beginners and potentially even have you master some of the steps on your own before using one of our instructors as a partner.

Comfortable clothes

There's no official dress code for dance classes but it is important to remember to wear something quite comfortable. Most people usually dress in a casual manner for salsa dancing. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wear sports clothing or athletic wear. Generally you can just wear jeans and a casual outfit.

Comfortable shoes

Many people ask us if they need special shoes for salsa dancing. Although there is a huge selection different specialty salsa dancing shoes being sold at ballroom shoe stores, for most cases it is preferable for beginner levels that you wear a pair of shoes that is comfortable and easier to keep you balanced and grounded. Dance sneakers, running shoes that are not too sticky, or other flat shoes are a good option.

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