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July 25, 2016
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October 23, 2016

Salsa: So Much More Than Just Dance

Salsa has certainly become a way of life in many countries outside of Latin America, reaching Canada and as far west as Australia and Japan. Salsa dance is an all-encompassing hobby that can be enjoyed by all regardless of race, age, gender, size or profession. Cuban salsa in particular, is making its mark globally with its infectious rhythms and sexy movements that is unparalleled by any other style of salsa, and here is why.

Salsa Dancing Expands Your Social Circle

Let’s face it, when it comes to exploring new hobbies, the chance to meet new people can be a definite motivator. When looking to expand your social circle and meet new friends, Salsa is a great way to get out there and meet others. From the moment you step into the studio, you surround yourself with other individuals with the same interests - a passion for dance, music and the same motivation for meetings others, just like you! Together, mistakes can be laughed at, the music can inspire and conversation flows naturally. Students that attend regular salsa lessons will often get together and go out dancing socially, forming lasting and meaningful friendships that extend beyond the studio.
As with any other hobbies that brings like-minded individuals together, Salsa has been known to help singles find their special someone. It is a very sensual and romantic dance, so chemistry on the dance floor can often lead to romantic relationships as well. Salsa dance is also an excellent "excuse" to approach someone and strike up a conversation while dancing, or after. So forget online dating, singles parties or speed dating and the frustration and work that often accompany them. Instead, why not explore the possibilities that lie ahead in our Salsa classes? Have fun, impress yourself and others and as an added bonus potentially meet your perfect match!

Salsa: The Mind-Body Balance

Regular salsa dancing promotes both physical and mental health, making it the perfect social "workout." It increases your heart rate and therefore your stamina and acts as a great calorie burner and muscle toner, aiding in weight loss. Cuban salsa in particular, with its emphasis on body movement provides an additional work out for your core muscle thereby strengthening your abs! Thighs, buttocks, arms and other important muscles also get a great workout. Cuban salsa classes and parties are an excellent form of exercise that gets you sweating to the infectious rhythms. Salsa dancing is also beneficial to the mind. It releases endorphins (the "feel good hormone") into the bloodstream reducing pain and alleviating stress. The moment you come into our salsa class you will start to suddenly feel all the stresses of your day fade away. You will feel more relaxed, positive and energized. Regular salsa dancing increases a sense of community among its students, helping students develop more self-confidence.

Salsa as a Creative Outlet

Salsa dancing with its myriad of figures, styling and body movement options creates the possibility of endless self-expression and creativity. All in all, salsa is a fun creative and artistic hobby unlike many other alternatives. So to sum it all up:
  • Salsa lessons are a fun form of exercise
  • Salsa lessons increase endurance and heart rate
  • Salsa lessons burn calories, increase metabolism and promote weight loss
  • Salsa lessons increase muscle tone, coordination and strength
  • Salsa lessons reduce stress
  • Salsa lessons improve reflexes, spatial awareness and overall mental agility
  • Salsa lessons increase self confidence and self awareness
  • Salsa lessons make you feel younger
  • Salsa classes are a great way to make new friendships
  • Salsa classes can spark a romance
  • Salsa classes are a great creative outlet
  • Salsa classes are a great door to a fun loving community
  • Salsa classes are EXCITING and FUN!
Many who dance salsa will attest it is a life-changing experience!

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