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Edson Tecas and Jocilene Andrade, also known as Mister Tecas ("O Comandante") and Miss Jo, are two true powerhouses in the world of kizomba and semba, currently residing in Paris, France. They form a dance partnership that has proven to be very functional and pivotal in the spread of kizomba and semba in France, being the first teachers responsible for many waves of internationally recognized french dancers.
Known for their impressive shows of semba, always raising the bar for to the technicality and showmanship elements, at the same time as staying true to the original form, they are also very respected for their teaching abilities and are very sought after for various workshops at congresses throughout Europe.
Edson Tecas, born and raised in Angola, is a true master of everything to do with show semba! Having learned from simply what's considered one of the very best kizomba/semba dancers in Angola, Dilson Rosário, while being part of the Angolan Army cultural division, Tecas excels remarkably well in the intricacies of footwork funkiness while executing amazing tricks with his dance partner. He is also known as a very detailed and demanding teacher, that will pay special attention to the importance of a good foundation for his students.
Jocilene or simply Miss Jo, is a sweet and talented dancer, hailing from Cape Verde Islands. She brings grace and naturality both to her semba as well as kizomba.
If you are travelling to Paris, check them out at their studio on:

Kizomba.fr School

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