2014 Kizomba/Semba Workshop with Mestre Pétchu & Vanessa

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New Revamped Kizomba and Semba Program at AfroLatino Dance Co.
April 2, 2014
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2014 Kizomba/Semba Workshop with Mestre Pétchu & Vanessa

Kizomba/Semba with Mestre Pétchu & Vanessa

We are delighted to have brought, for the first time to Toronto, the legendary Mestre Pétchu and Vanessa Ginga Pura, two of the greatest ambassadors of kizomba/Semba and Angolan culture of music and dance.
The Angolan dance Kizomba has gained worldwide popularity over the years and one of the biggest reason has been the tireless work of Mestre Pétchu. Pétchu was the first to teach kizomba and semba in Portugal where he resides and is consequently responsible for the spread of the dance culture all over Europe. He is the founder of the famed African ballet Kilandukilu and has had a hand in training some of your favorite kizomba and Semba dancers today. Vanessa known internationally for her Ginga represents one of the best female Kizomba and Semba dancer in the world.
For the first time, Mestre Pétchu and Vanessa were in Canada to pass on their invaluable knowledge of Kizomba/Semba. For those attending the knowledge they gained of the culture of the dance itself during this workshop was unparalleled.

Featured Dancer: Mestre Pétchu - A Living Legend and A Sea of Knowledge

Pedro Vieira Dias Tomás (Mestre Pétchu) is one of the greatest authorities in the field of Angolan culture of music and dance. Currently living in Portugal, he was the first there to teach kizomba and semba; he has also created the methodology of teaching these dances. He is the one who contributed to Angolan rhythms being introduced to dance parties and dance schools in the whole of Europe.
For 25 years, he’s been the leading choreographer of the Ballet Tradicional Kilandukilu, a major dance company in Angola that strives to preserve Luanda's rich dance traditions. Together with his dance partner Vanessa Pura Ginga, Mestre Pétchu is a very sought after teacher and judge for many international festivals, competitions and prestigious TV programmes. Many of the current international kizomba instructors have been trained by him at a certain point in their careers.

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