Salsa, Kizomba, Semba, Afro-Cuban, Rumba Dance Workshops

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Learn from international master dance teachers, in specialty dance workshops designed to give you amazing tips on technique, styling, and artistry. Perfect for those taking regular dance lessons and wish to learn exquisit dance moves and unique instruction from a world-class guest instructor.

Kizomba / Semba workshops with Bonifacio


Over the years AfroLatino Dance Company has strived to organize dance workshops with some of the best dancers/teachers in some of the styles of dance that we offer. This philosophy exposes our students and other dance enthusiasts in Toronto to various artists, some of them world recognized masters in their dance, allowing them to refine their knowledge and skills without having to travel to distant destinations to do so.
We have brought master teachers in various dance styles, from Salsa to Samba, Afro-Cuban to Kizomba and Semba, just to name a few. Below are some of the workshop events we have successfully organised thoughout the years:
Despelote & reggaeton workshop


DESPELOTE: Cuban dance styling rich in body isolations such as hip gyrations, torso and shoulder movements, used in salsa, timba and reggaeton dancing. Or, in other words, movimiento sexy!

HEIKEL VALDÉS: lead singer with Cuban mega band Charanga Habanera, known for their energetic dancing on stage. He is also a graduate from the National School of Arts (Escuela Nacional de Arte) in Havana.

  • DAY: Thursday, August 24
  • TIME: 7-8pm
  • PRICE: $25 + HST

Workshop participants get complimentary entrance to the Charanga Pre-Party on August 24, 9:30pm at Posh Nightclub.

Note: Flex cards are not valid for this class


Kizomba & Semba workshops with Paulo & Lanna
May 2015

Kizomba & Semba with Paulo & Lanna

Kizomba & Semba workshop with Bonifacio
Mar 2015

Kizomba & Semba with Bonifácio

Kizomba & Semba workshops with Jeffrey & Leyla
Jan 2014

Kizomba & Semba with Jeffrey & Leyla

Samba workhop with Ana Arruda
Feb 2012

Samba with Ana Arruda

Afro-Cuban workshop with Felix Pupy Insua
Apr 2008

Afro-Cuban with Pupy Insua

Ladies Styling workshop with Ana Machado
Apr 2008

Ladies Styling with Ana Machado

Casino Rueda workshop with Energetic Soul
Apr 2008

Casino / Rueda with Energetic Soul

Afro-Cuban workshop with Consuelo Herrera
Apr 2008

Afro-Cuban & Rumba with Consuelo Herrera

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